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TGMFCC Activities!

This Club will meet and participate in FUN activities such as:

  • Geo Metro Caravans to local places usually between Salem and Portland
  • Participating in Parades
  • Car Club parking lot events to show off our awesome cars to the public
  • A Geo Metro "parts exchange" where someone can post when they are scheduling a "pick-a-part" scavenge and others can list parts they need and the max price they are willing to pay. The scavenger can then take the list to the "pick-a-part" lot with them and help others collect needed parts. This will be on an "on your honor" system, if you list a needed part and that part is purchased for you, you will be obligated to pay within 3 days of the date of scavenge.
  • Plus much more! We're looking for ideas so don't hold back! Post today!

To start posting on the club, simply sign up for a blogspot account, when you are finished send an email to me, Megan, with your name and email address linked to your blogspot account. Next, I will add you to the list of posters! Have fun and start posting soon!

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